John Street Pedestrian Bridge to Skydome Toronto, Ontario

The pedestrian bridge design was mandated to act as a landmark gateway from Front Street in Toronto to Skydome. The structure had to contend with the existing Convention Centre and its access ramp. Clearance to the existing railway right-of-way and an existing signal house at track level dictated shallow structural system. This parameter resulted in the use of a cable stayed structure.

Client: C/N Realty / City of Toronto
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Date: 1988
Architects: Montgomery and Sisam Architects
Project Architect: Eric Connolly
Consultants: Wyllie and Ufnal Structural Engineers
Site: Downtown Toronto link between John Street and the Toronto Convention Centre to Skydome over the TTR (railway) right of way.
General Contractor: Kenaiden Construction Ltd.
Cost: $2,000,000. (1988)