Maple Leaf Quay Waters Edge Treatment

This project is part of a series of efforts to link the downtown waterfront edge with a promenade seawall, and boat services around typical condominium/commercial building sites.  The promenade is open to the public and provides at the corner of the quay itself a look- out point to the Toronto Island Airport and the Western Gap.

Client: Harbourfront Corporation
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Date: 1987
Architects: Montgomery and Sisam Architects
Project Architect: Eric Connolly
Consultants: Reed Jones Christopherson - Structural
Thomas A. Fekete - Mechanical/Electrical

To provide promenade, seawall, boat services and a lookout feature around an existing condominium project.

General Contractor: Harm Schuithuis and Sons Ltd.    
Cost: $300,000. (1987)