Norval Presbyterian Church Barrier-free Addition and Alterations

The Norval Presbyterian Church Project consisted of providing this Victorian Church with full Barrier-free Accessibility.

Client: Norval Presbyterian Church
Completion Date: 2006
Architects: Eric Connolly Architect
Consultants: Ireland Engineering – Structural Engineering
Lehmann and Associates – Mechanical / Electrical Engineers
R.E. Clipsham Ltd. – Site Grading
Peto MacCallum Ltd. – Septic Design and Geotechnical
Project Team: Eric Connolly, Peter Skira
Site: An existing Victorian Church in Norval, Ontario

To provide Barrier-free additions and:

  • Provision of a Barrier-free Lift
  • Provision of a new at grade Lobby
  • Provision of a new exterior Canopy
  • Provision of a new Barrier-free WC
  • Site changes to assist with Barrier-free access

Building Budget: $512,000. (2005)