Ewing Residence New Country House

This project involved the design of a new “Queen Anne” style, 4,200 square foot residence on an existing farm. The farms existing house was felt to have heritage value in the are and
was retained and redesigned as a studio/workshop. The plan takes advantage of views  over the site as well as sun exposure. The house was placed behind the existing farmhouse to maintain its character and to protect the new house from the road to the west.

Client: Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Ewing
Location: Moffat, Ontario
Date: 1997
Architect: Eric Connolly Architect
Project Team: Eric Connolly, Peter Skira
Site: A farm site in north-west Milton

To provide a new family house complete with garage and with basement access to a future swimming pool. The house programme was to accommodate 3 Bedrooms and a Guest Room as well as a large Kitchen,Dining Room, and Living Room with views to the exterior.

Cost: $ 650,000. - (Contractors Estimate) (1998)