Pacevicius Residence New Country House

This project involved the design of a new 4,500 square foot residence on a wooded ravine site north of Georgetown. The plan takes advantage of views from the site while allowing for maximum privacy from a lot previously developed to the west. The house was placed as far as possible to the rear of the site to protect it from the road to the north and to be as close to the existing ravine as the Conservation Authority would allow.

The project reached completion of the Design Development stage when various exterior materials were explored. The final choices included a stone base, stucco top and metal roof.

Client: Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pacevicius
Location: Georgetown, Ontario
Date: 1991
Architect: Eric Connolly Architect
Project Team: Eric Connolly, Dan Chalykoff
Site: A rural ravine lot approximately 5 acres north of Georgetown

To provide a new family house complete with veterinarian studio and garage with basement access to a future swimming pool. The house programme was to accommodate 3 Bedrooms and a Guest Room as well as  a large Kitchen, Dining Room, and Living Room with views to the  exterior.

Cost: $ 450,000. - (Contractors Estimate) (1991)