Boston Presbyterian Church, Ontario Fire Code Upgrades

Boston Presbyterian Church was previously Designated (by Eric Connolly) under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.
As a result of a Field Inspection, the Halton Hills Fire Department recommended that a Life Safety Study be conducted to ascertain Fire hazard risks and solutions under the Ontario Fire Code Upgrade Programme.

Eric Connolly Architect carried this assessment and included an Ontario Building Code Review. As a result, Eric Connolly Architect was retained to produce construction drawings to have specific Fire Code Upgrades performed.

Client: Boston Presbyterian Church
Completion Date: 2003            
Architects: Eric Connolly Architect
Project Team: Eric Connolly, Peter Skira
Site: An existing Designated Church in Halton Hills, Ontario

To provide a “Life Safety Study” and documentation for Ontario Fire Code Building Upgrades

Building Budget: $40,000. (2003)