Lincoln Public Library Facility Development Feasibility Study

The Lincoln Public Library Board retained consulting services to study the consolidation of two small existing branch libraries in east Lincoln into a single new facility.  The objectives of the study were to review the existing facilities, review new possible branch library sites, including joint use with the Lincoln Board of Education, and to develop a functional programme. 

Possible site locations were then short listed to three and three schematic designs were produced. 

After a public meeting process a final site and building design were chosen and the design fine- tuned. This design was then costed. The consultants worked in conjunction with the Boards' Facilities Development Committee throughout the project. The findings of the consultants were compiled into a final report and presented to Town Council.

Client: Lincoln Public Library
Location: Lincoln (east), Ontario
Completion Date: 1993
Architects: Eric Connolly Architect
Project Team: Eric Connolly, Peter Skira
Consultants: Riepma (Planners) Consultants Inc.
James F. Vermeulen (Cost Consultant)
Site: Study reviewed range of possible sites in east Lincoln primarily in the area of Vineland

Study developed a space programme in conjunction with the Lincoln Public Library Board Steering Committee

Cost of Study: $15,000. (1993)