Woodside Branch Library, Feasibility Study for Oakville Public Library

The Woodside Branch Library Feasibility Study was initiated by the Oakville Public Library in 1992.  The purpose of the Study was to review renovation and addition design options to accommodate:      

  • an increase in the areas population
  • allow for possible site redevelopment and reconfiguration of the existing Library property
  • allow for better public access (existing building is two floors), an increase in collection size and efficient staffing and public servicing.

The Study included a detailed capital cost analysis based on schematic designs.

Client: Oakville Public Library
Completion Date: 1993            
Architects: Eric Connolly Architect with Montgomery and Sisam Architects
Project Team: Eric Connolly, Dan Chalykoff, Terry Montgomery
Consultants: James F. Vermeulen (Cost Consultant)
D.R. Dyck Associates (Structural)
Thomas A. Fekete Ltd. (Mechanical and Electrical)
Site: An existing library site in suburban Oakville on a major arterial The site is distinguished by a landscaped "front yard".

To provide additions and alterations to maximize public services on the Ground Floor

Cost of Study: $12,000. (1993)